Need help living your best life? Afraid of Falling?

This novel physical therapy clinic is here for you.

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We're All Living Longer, Let's Make the Most of it!

As we age, a lot of our balance systems don't work as well as they once did. However, the evidence is overwhelming that they can be tuned up. Don't be satisfied with falls or with difficulty with stepping onto curbs, this doesn't have to be a normal part of aging. Schedule an appointment for your tune up!

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Here For You

You are not alone! 1 in 6 Mainers is living with a Neurological Condition. We have equipment and space to meet even complex needs. At Maine Strong Balance Center, we will help you move forward and ensure that you always feel comfortable and well-informed. Give us a call today to see how we can help continue you or your loved ones recovery.

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A Natural Medium for Exercise

Aquatic exercise is a low impact activity. It takes the pressure off of your joints and muscles. Water offers natural resistance which helps with strengthening. It's an excellent medium for treatment of stubborn back problems as well!

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Tackling Dizziness

Difficulty with this system can be debilitating. We can work with you to improve the symptoms of dizziness and difficulty with balance. We can help with Aging and Dizziness, BPPV (positional vertigo), Meniere's Disease, & Concussion.


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A Comprehensive Recovery

We personalize your rehabilitation related to any surgical or non-surgical condition. After a joint replacement, we rehabilitate the joint and then go the extra mile and use our expertise to improve your balance and walking to your full abilities. After a fall, we rehabilitate the injury and then improve any of the underlying conditions that led to the fall. We offer you a comprehensive approach to your recovery.

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Balancing Cancer

Balance and strength can be side effects of treatment and resultant inactivity. Whether you are newly diagnosed, maintaining, or in survivorship from cancer we can help. In addition, we can also help with managing fatigue, reducing pain, improving mood through exercise, and helping with shoulder dysfunction related to breast cancer.