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A Unique Approach for Individuals Living with Chronic Disease


We understand that living with chronic disease is a long journey that doesn't have a clear destination. At Maine Strong Balance Centers, we offer a model of care that provides regular physical therapy assessments throughout the patient’s lifespan. This secondary prevention model has many benefits to the patient:

First, it allows a physical therapist to compare your movement every six months (or at an interval appropriate for you, determined by you and your physical therapist) to assess for changes. If we notice a decline in mobility, then we can offer a preventive model of care with early intervention to avoid more catastrophic events, such as falls. Similar to how someone sees the dentist to prevent cavities, this model allows us to prevent decline in someone's mobility.


Second, it allows you to have a mobility expert on your healthcare team. Your needs may change over time, and it is important to have someone on your team who can readjust exercises, provide guidance and tips for more efficient mobility, and assist you with finding resources when needed.


Third, it provides continuity to care so you can have the confidence your physical therapist knows you and what will work best for your specific difficulties.

Maine Strong Balance Centers' PTs are passionate about helping individuals with chronic and neurologic diseases stay active in doing what they love and leave our clinic feeling STRONG!

Let us be a guide through your journey to keep strong, keep moving, and stay balanced!

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