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 We are passionate about teaching and learning within the profession of physical therapy and believe that having students in the clinic enriches the patient, therapist, and student alike.


Maine Strong Balance Centers hold official clinical partnerships with the University of New England and Boston University. We also welcome students from other university programs who share passion for the patient populations we serve including neurologic and complex cases. We work with undergraduate and graduate students in Doctorate of Physical Therapy programs on various clinical education and community initiatives.


Our Maine Strong Mentorship program offers a strategic framework for both students and clinicians looking to develop successful habits for long term personal and professional growth. We endeavor to elevate the quality of clinical education, the clinician, and the profession of physical therapy by practicing evidence-based, compassionate, cutting-edge physical therapy. 

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For more information, please directly contact our

Site Coordinator for Clinical Education (SCCE), Mike Cyr. 

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