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Helping You Stay on Your Feet


Falls are NOT a normal part of aging. We can improve your balance up to 25-40% . 

As we age, may of our balance systems don't work like they used to. Study after study shows these systems can be "tuned up". We can help you make these changes to accomplish your goals and reduce your overall risks. A 25-40% change has been documented in the Physical Therapy literature, and we are seeing these results at the Balance Center.

Balance is complex and multifactorial.

Whether dizziness, pain, weakness, or other factors are contributing to feeling 'off-balance', we can help. Our therapists are experts in balance, providing evidence-based and individualized therapy including: 

  • Individual risk assessment

  • Environmental risk assessment

  • Comprehensive balance testing

  • Balance training

  • Gait training 

  • Fall prevention

  • Fall recovery

  • Disease-specific education and treatment 

Come see us and learn how you can reduce your risk of falling. 

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