Exciting exposure:  press postings all about us!

"Here, let me help you get up from that chair"

Getting up and out of a chair, simplified! We collaborated with Diane Atwood to explore the mechanics behind standing up from a chair. Some helpful tips and photos are included in this "Catching Health" blog post:

"How to avoid and recover from dangerous falls"

Enjoy listening in on this Maine Public Radio show! An important and practical conversation that reinforces a growing statewide, nationwide fall prevention initiative - featuring our very own Jason Adour, PT, DPT accompanied by panel of health & balance experts.

"How to Break A Fall"

Local health reporter Diane Atwood joined us in the clinic to talk about some fall prevention strategies. Below is a link to her blog post:

"The Right WAY to Walk"

Another blog post by Diane Atwood, in which we collaborated to highlight some tips for facilitating a safer, more functional walking pattern.


"Safe Landing Strategies"

Diane Atwood summarizes one of the Balance Center's biggest initiatives: fall prevention!


A how to guide on softening, strengthening, practicing, and planning - featuring tips from toddlers, who seem to know a lot about falling with ease.