Balance Classes

Our balance classes are evidence based, exercise-oriented, and led by one of our team members from the center. Please note that registration may or may not be necessary depending on the class. Classes for which registration is required are indicated below using the following distinctions:


This class is currently active with no registration required prior to attending.

Registration required



This class is not currently active.

This class requires pre-registration to participate. Please contact us by e-mail or phone call to reserve a spot.



Weekly beginning 3/30/2020 - TBD

Virtual Balance Class

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are transitioning to a virtual option for our weekly balance class. Please join us in using the "Facebook Live" function on our "Maine Strong Balance Center" Facebook page to access this content. We have customized a routine that builds strength and targets the systems in the body that support successful balance. Be prepared to improve your balance through exercise and learn a little along the way!

The link below will allow you to access our Facebook page where live viewing of the class can take place:

The following is a link to our YouTube page where all of the previously recorded classes can be viewed at your own pace:

Time: Monday mornings from 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Location: Facebook Live through our page "Maine Strong Balance Center." Please call 207-303-0612 with any questions regarding how to access this content.



Satellite Class

Balance Class in Falmouth, ME

A 4 week exercise class focused on orienting participants with the primary balance systems of the body and using targeted balance exercise as a tool to improve balance. Active & educational!

Time: Tuesday mornings 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Location: Falmouth Community Programs

190 Middle Road

Falmouth, ME 04105


On hold

Year-Round, Weekly

"All About Balance"

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this face-to-face class is currently on hold. We plan to resume as recommendations of public health officials advise.


Come one, come all! This class occurs weekly, and operates on an open registration basis. We practice targeted exercise techniques that ultimately strengthen the primary muscle groups and systems of the body that are responsible for balance. 

Time: Monday mornings from 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Location: Scarborough Community Center

Martin's Point Health Care

153 US-1 Scarborough, ME 04074