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Community Events

Detailed listings of our upcoming events are below. These events are often informative presentations regarding health, exercise, balance and anything in between. Information regarding some of our past events are also available if you scroll to the bottom of the page.

Upcoming Events
Past Events

Hosted most recently by the South Portland Community Center.

Safe Landing Strategies

April 23, 2019

Learn all about the primary balance systems of the human body and what you can do to soften your landing in the event of a fall.

Hosted at our clinic in Scarborough.

Hitting the Pool to Relieve Joint Pain

January 17, 2019

Learn how water-based exercise can be effective in improving symptoms of osteoarthritis. Hosted at our clinic.


Hosted most recently by The Sable Lodge in South Portland.

Jog Your Memory

November 30, 2018

Learn about the curious anti-aging effects of exercise on the brain! Thank you Scarborough Public Library, Sable Lodge, and Scarborough's Successful Aging EXPO for having us.