A Natural Medium For Exercise


Aquatic exercise is a low impact activity. It takes the pressure off of your joints and muscles. Water offers natural resistance which helps with strengthening. As a result, it's an excellent medium for treatment of Arthritis, Weakness and Injury Rehabilitation.



  • Improves function and mobility of joints

  • Pain Management

  • Improves Muscle Strength, Power & Endurance

  • Improves Heart & Lung Health

  • Improves Balance, Coordination & Agility

  •  Helps to Decrease Stress and Improve Overall Sense of Wellbeing 


The Maine Strong Balance Center provides Aquatic Physical Therapy in our own 16' x 20' pool at our clinic. The pool is handicap accessible with a hoyer lift. The pool also has stairs, with a railing, that lead into the shallow end and the pool gradually deepens to 6.5 feet. There are multiple windows in the pool room to allow for natural light as well as surround speakers. We have a comfortable room to change in as well as towels and a shower for patient use.

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