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Telehealth - We Can Provide Physical Therapy To You At Home

We know these are trying, uncertain times and we feel for our community, our country and our world for all that it is enduring right now. We just wanted to tell you that we miss your friendly faces and the clinic is not the same without you. While we are limiting our in-person visits to keep our patients and staff safe, we are still here for you if you need us. We have been working hard to keep up with the rapidly changing opportunities in the world of Telehealth and all of our providers are now up and running to conduct Telehealth visits! Every insurance carrier is different and, unfortunately, not all companies are covering Telehealth at this time. However, if you are interested, please

Virtual Visits: the role of Physical Therapists during the Coronavirus

Given the recent outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), many people are unable to attend regularly scheduled medical appointments like physical therapy. In addition, the shut-down of local gyms and fitness facilities limits options for exercise to prevent physical decline and subsequent health issues. Those that experience the onset of new musculoskeletal pain or acute dizziness can be effectively triaged by a physical therapist with a direct access license, freeing up other areas of the healthcare system for those experiencing COVID symptoms. As a result, the Maine Strong Balance Center has implemented a plan to combat the Coronavirus crisis through virtual therapy sessions. Previously not cov

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