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Stop The Presses!

The Balance Center Is Now Open! A Physical Therapy Clinic Dedicated To Balance Scarborough, ME, March 21st, 2017 - The Maine Strong Balance Center offers a unique approach, with unique equipment, in a unique space all dedicated to meet the balance needs of our community. “We pride ourselves in being honest and authentic in our interactions and we will strive to make everyone who comes through our door, no matter their challenges…STRONG.” In my experience working as a physical therapist across essentially every healthcare setting, it has become clear that there is an underserved, explosively growing population in Maine. The underserved population i

Spring is in the air!

Welcome family, friends and visitors! Happy spring to you all. There has been a lot going on at Maine Strong Balance Center over the past few weeks and we can't wait to share our new space with you. Jason, Emily and Ava have all been running around (literally) the Greater Portland area gathering things to get the Balance Center up and running and to make it a great place for Jason to provide physical therapy services to our new neighbors. Over the next few weeks we will be finishing the space and focusing our attention on getting our name out there and beginning to build our client list. Jason will also be taking a course to become a Certified Pool Operator so that once we're ready to includ

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